Wrapping up my first freelance Magazine shoot.

I turned in my first freelance magazine shoot yesterday. I was nervous the whole time I was shooting. I worried over lens choices, lighting and composition…I worried about providing the look and style they prefer. “Is this right, do they need more crop room? Should this be vertical? Do I need more overall shots? More details”?

 I don’t know why I worried. I shot week-in-week-out  for 24 years for Southern Living. That works out to be about 288 issues, half the magazine’s existence. In that time I probably shot 288 major travel features and untold number of smaller stories. But if I’m honest I have to admit I worried about each one of those too. Fear of failure is a great motivator. Going out alone week in and week out as a one-man-band puts a lot of pressure on a shooter. Every problem, every idea, every worry runs on an endless loop through your mind. Is this right? Is this what they want? Can I make this better? Is this the best way to shoot this? What am I missing? 

So maybe the nervousness over the shoot for Birmingham Magazine is just me, just the way I am and will always be. But in the freelance world if you don’t get it right they don’t call you back. I want to be called back. 

The assignment was for Birmingham Magazine and their annual Parents Choice Awards. The story runs in May and goes to press shortly. I don’t dare upstage them by telling who won but each place I shot sure seemed like a winner to me. I worked with wonderful people at every location. It was a pleasure to tell people who I was shooting for and have them all react so positively. 

I think they will call back.



6 thoughts on “Wrapping up my first freelance Magazine shoot.

  1. You’re a pro, Art! They’ll call you back. Remember doing the first digital travel shoot in Snowshoe? That was a little pressure… and the “film” was so good it grew into a feature! And how about the time in Western Maryland when you had to turn a postage-sized patch of snow on a golf course into a backcountry winter wonderland? I remember…

  2. Thank you Kim. It’s all problem solving and I have the confidence I can solve most problems. But I’m always anxious until I get there and get started on the process. You and your stories always put me in places for visual success.

  3. After following your photos since your early career, I’m confident they’ll call you back. And, others will join them in calling upon you. Your photos are my some of my all-time favorites. I’ll continue to watch as this new chapter of your career develops!

  4. Art, let me assure you we will call you back in. We feel honored to have you as a contributor! There is no doubt you will be a very busy freelancer in the future. Thanks for making this years Parent’s Choice Awards the best looking ever. Can’t tell you how wonderful it is to have Pat working here too. SPC’s loss is certainly our gain! 🙂

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