A day of firsts and a mystery shoot.

A day of firsts and a mystery shoot.

Friday I shot my first freelance job since leaving Southern Living at the end of January. That was 8 weeks and one day without taking out my cameras, the longest I’ve gone since high school. It was also my first automotive shoot and my first major studio shoot. I have always been a location specialist rather than a studio stud.

The shoot was for a friend so I didn’t charge him anything like ‘the going rate’. In fact, after the shoot time and the post-production editing I may just clear minimum wage. But I would do it all over again just the same. I had a blast, exhausting though it was.

The project was/is … embargoed. It’s going to remain a mystery until he can get the project out in the public how he wants. My friend restored a historic one-of-a-kind car. He has his heart tied into this as well as his financial investment.

My friend rented a video/soundstage production studio here in town and I talked him into hiring their lighting equipment as well. Nothing like a 10X20 F2 Chimera light bank to make me and the car look good

I’m extremely happy with the images we did over the 10 shooting hours. I cannot wait to share them. But for now I’m committed to the embargo on the story. I’ll post the images and the story behind the embargo as soon as I can.


3 thoughts on “A day of firsts and a mystery shoot.

  1. Art, the car, or what I could see of it, is a beauty!! Remember I “used” to have a 67′ Camaro. For about 25 years plus. I have loved many antique autos since I was in my teens or earlier. Glad you got to dust off the poor lonesome camera.

    Do you still have the fine Mustang??

    Take care & tell Barbara hello for us. I’m still keeping you guys in my mind & in my heart over the loss of Henry. Now, I can say that Mocha is the greatest male doggie in the whole world!!!! He is 12 yrs. old & I have worried about his aging for several years. He’s doing quite well other than having digestive issues which have been remedied by his being on Science Diet WD dry food.


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