Big Learning Curve but I’m finally ‘LIVE’

It’s been an amazing learning curve this past few weeks trying to get a new website up. The people at APhotoFolio have been great and their manual very helpful. But choosing photos and learning the ropes has been an education. I had a website before at my domain name to feature and sell prints from all my 70’s and 80′ rock n’ roll photos. I wanted to use that domain name for the new site. That one was hosted by Livebooks for years.

With the domain name registered with Yahoo I had to learn how to change A names, C names and a lot of other behind-the-scenes internet addressing protocols that most people don’t even know exist. I sure didn’t. I have a few new friends including Rajeesh at Yahoo’s support center.

Livebooks also had the email address I wanted directed to their servers from Yahoo. I wanted to keep art@artmeripol for my website so I also had to deal with a third party email company NetworkSolutions. Again, more long long holds with tech support people who’s first language was tech and not english. I’m getting there. I though each call would be the last. I think my final call comes this morning as I figure out how to host this blog from my website rather than separately from WordPress. It’ll still be here but there too.

The website is up and LIVE! I’m very happy about it. It’s been just over three weeks since I learned I was a new freelance photographer. it’s been a full time gig just getting this far.

I’m always glad to hear nice words and so many people have been encouraging and it’s keep me going. But if you look at the website and can offer design or image choice suggestions my ears and mind are open.


8 thoughts on “Big Learning Curve but I’m finally ‘LIVE’

    • Thanks Claire,
      I have one more thing to do immediately and that’s add my new blog to the page. I hope that’s done in a day or so.
      After that the next step is probably SEO and I’m a long way from figuring that out.
      Thank you so much for your kind words and offer. I would always be happy for any feedback and if you see a way to improve Please! Help!

      hope the new baby is smiling all the time.

  1. We’re all continually having to reinvent ourselves. When I left Southern Progress in 1994, I thought I was leaving a steady thing, but something was calling me further and I’ve reinvented myself numerous times. I a lot of ways that has been a blessing. Listen to what’s calling you and do what you love and you’ll do just fine. You’re an extremely talented photographer and you will find your way!

    • thanks Darryl,
      It’s nerve-racking to have 0 dollars and 0 work coming in but I’m hearing from so many people like you with so much encouragement I’m sure I’ll get there. Just not knowing where ‘there’ is keeps me awake at night.

      Getting the website up today and finally having something to show people lets me start contacting people for work and that sure helps.

  2. Art, I have not looked through the photos of rock -n- roll, but if you have a photo of the uniform store in downtown Birmingham I would be interested in that.  Let me know.  Thanks Yvonne

    Yvonne Clifton-Bish School Days Uniforms 2400 Cantrell Rd.,Ste 104 Little Rock. AR 72202 501-663-7305


  3. Echoing what Claire said. And impressed that you got this up so quickly. Building a site is no small task! Adding it to my reader 🙂

  4. Art, I believe that “there” is a journey, a path that has twists and turns and reveals a different landscape every day, sometimes many times a day. Your talent, your wit and wisdom, and most importantly, the people you surround yourself with will see you through! It looks like you are off to a great start! Keep up the wonderful work!

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