Rolf and Daughters

photo(2)Rolf and Daughters

Last Thursday evening my assignment was to shoot a wonderful new bar and restaurant in Nashville called Rolf and Daughters. My story concentrated on the bar and a couple of their signature drinks. I needed ‘beauty’ shots of the drinks, shots of the mixologist in action and a portrait of him as well. I also needed exteriors at dusk, shots of the bar’s evening atmosphere and whatever else I saw that looked good to illustrate the story. Ultimately the shoot would have three images on one page. While there I also planned to shoot what would ultimately be a 90 second video of the mixologist Matt making one of the drinks for web use. I planned to be there at 1:45 to set up and start shooting drinks by 2, Matt in action and portraits by 3 and then the video at 3:30 and finally be ready for dusk which was just after 5 and then be ready for evening atmosphere when the scene ramped up. The drinks shoot went great. Nice pinks and oranges in the drinks shooting with a 300mm and using my Elinchrom Rangers. I backlit the drinks using a grid on the light and found some nice shapes to give interest to the backgrounds and it made the ice really sparkle. Matt was easy to shoot and his portrait and action shots came out pretty cool. Unfortunately Matt needed to get the bar back set for the evening which precluded shooting the video. I set up two LED light panels , had a Shotgun mic on a boom ready, changed out the tripod head to a video head and attached the video accessories to the camera. When I was ready to start and attach another wireless mic to Matt he said he was out of time. Bummer…but the stills were the thing anyway.
The shoot is planned for our April issue and the photos can be seen there.


2 thoughts on “Rolf and Daughters

  1. This was my first blog post. I hope to keep it going, posting about my weekly trips out to photograph the south for a large regional magazine and it’s travel section.

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